Finding a great dessert bar with an impressive assortment of desserts is hard as it is and finding one in a restaurant is almost a rarity. Though this Michelin star restaurant boasts of having one of the finest dessert bars in London. Established in the year 2004, it specializes in all day service of dim sum and other small eatables. Its reinterpretation of a classic dim sum teahouse has enabled Yauatcha to reinvent the fine dining experience.

I happened to visit Yauatcha a few days after the Chinese New Year, which was celebrated on the 31st January, 2014. I was taken aback as soon as I set foot into the restaurant. Having been there before, the stark contrast in their ambience was evident, the contemporary and chic space had transformed into a celebratory setting. They had tied up with Harvey Nichols (Fashion Emporium) who designed their window display. A horse was built out of hundreds of red envelopes. Incorporating the Chinese New Year’s symbol the horse and the traditional practice of giving red envelopes, as red is considered the colour of fire, which wards off any bad luck.

Owing to their collaboration with Harvey Nichols, which will end on the 10th Febuary,2014 and their attempt at providing customers with an invigorating start to the New Year. The ever so crowded restaurant was even more packed than usual, we got a table with great difficulty and my advice to any potential diners would definitely be to make a reservation in advance. The limited edition menu will be carried out until the 14th Febuary,2014. If this valentine’s day you are looking for a warm setting, friendly staff, dim sums, which melt in your mouth and ambrosial desserts. Yauatcha is without doubt a great choice to spend your special day with your special someone.

After enjoying an appetizing meal, there is nothing better than to have a spoonful of something sweet. Yauatcha never ceases to impress with their visually appealing and equally scrumptious desserts. Each dessert looks like a work of art, consisting of an array of textures and bursting with flavour.

I was keen on trying their limited edition Petit Gâteaux (small sized dessert) made with mandarins. A traditional Chinese fruit eaten during the New Year as they are believed to bring good luck and fortune. The main dessert was shaped in the form of a lantern, symbolizing the lantern festival, which occurs on the fifteenth day of the celebrations. Topped with a white macaron dusted with edible glitter. On the dessert a Chinese symbol of the horse was drawn, marking the year of the horse. Accompanying that there was a dollop of caramel ice cream, seated on a bed of finely crushed cookies. The plate was dressed up with an artistically drawn line of chocolate sauce and freely scattered portions of mandarin chutney.


At the very first bite I was in awe of the dessert, the raspberry dusted lantern containing perfectly set decadent chocolate mouse, with pieces of mandarin can put you in a trance. The sweet chocolate is paired exceedingly well with the slightly sour mandarin pieces, at the base of the mousse a mandarin and hazelnut cream, which comes as a surprise but does not stand out in comparison to the cookie and hazelnut tuile right below it. This adds a great crunch and another dimension to the dessert. The caramel ice cream, is tasty but does not create a lasting impression. Rather the base it’s placed upon of finely crushed cookies is delicious.

Proceeding to the chocolate sauce and mandarin chutney, the chocolate sauce is of great consistency but the mandarin chutney steals the show and is something that lasts with you even after you have finished eating the dessert. I hope this gets added to their original menu because this is certainly something I would urge you to try, its fresh, different and outright yummy.

Being a dessert fanatic I could not stop myself from ordering one of my favourite chocolate desserts at Yauatcha, the Mont Blanc. It’s a tart filled with hazelnut crème topped with a disk of tempered chocolate, on it a chocolate dusted mousse, garnished with nougatine and chocolate sticks. Accompanying this is a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, laid on a bed of finely crushed cookies and chocolate sauce.


If you love chocolate and hazelnuts this is the dessert you cannot miss out on. The tart is perfectly cooked and crumbly, the hazelnut crème is of the right consistency and tastes impeccable with the tart. The chocolate is tempered just right and snaps perfectly on one go, the mousse is rich in flavour but just the right amount.

Though the nougatine and chocolate sticks are delightful they fail to match the rest of the dessert. The crushed cookies and chocolate sauce are flavouful but do not add much value to the dessert. Rather the vanilla bean ice cream tastes flawless, with the tart it’s a match made in heaven.

At the end of our meal a red envelope was given, which is traditionally practiced during the New Year celebrations, The envelope with an even sum of money is given to people for prosperity and good luck. The envelope I got consisted of coupons allowing me to avail of discounts and have a free drink at Harvey Nichols. This surprise element was exciting and a part of the spirit of the Chinese New Year, which involves the art of giving. I would definitely recommend you to go to the restaurant before they end their New Year festivities and It’s absolutely worth it.

If you like to experiment with different flavours, their green tea choux, Apricot Mille-Feuille and Pina colada savarin are highly regarded by their customers. Located in a more sober area of Soho, Yauatcha is without doubt worthy of its Michelin star status. The delectable desserts, crafted to perfection along with their range of hand made chocolates and macarons make it a sweet place to visit.


Address: 15-17 Broadwick Street.


London, England

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7494 8888

Timings: Monday-Saturday: 12:00 pm to 23:30 pm And Sunday: 12:00 pm to 22:30 pm

Patisserie counter Timings: Monday-saturday: 12:00 pm to 23:00 pm And Sunday: 12:00 pm to 22:30 pm

Price Range: £££ : £26-£75

Reservations: email- reservations@yauatcha.com

* for groups of eight or more email- groups@yauatcha.com

Thank you,

Hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂



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