Here is a review of one of my favourite spots in London, for those of you who are craving something sweet, but are tired of the mundane dessert served on a plate? It’s time to pay a visit to Bubbleology. Situated on Rupert Street in the lively area of Soho, this joint serves you an outlandish and toothsome beverage. Which ensures that your sweet tooth is satisfied. Its prime location and fresh menu, have people raving about it and always packed with customers, this trendy joint never has a dull moment.

Invented in Taiwan in the 1980’s, it conquered London in 2011. Bubble tea is the new trend, which heralds the next stage of “tea-volution” and figuring out why this has become such a fad, requires one to understand what is bubble tea? A drink made using tea as its base, infused with fruit flavours or milk served ice cold or steaming hot and the added taste of flavoursome tapioca balls, which pop in your mouth. What’s not to love!

At Bubbleology the art of preparing bubble tea is taken very seriously, there is a scientific approach used to create different concoctions and the setting could easily pass off as a laboratory but much more chic and vibrant than the usual ones. The employees emulate the role of a scientist in their laboratory coats, as they have access to a top-secret pantry, in which they create the chewy tapioca pearls (commonly called Boba) made to perfection by a special shaker. The Boba was inspired from the bubbles created, through a vigorous shaking process used in creating bubble tea. These scientists have mastered the delicious art of balancing the right amount of Boba or jelly with the fruit and milk teas. Creating an eccentric and appetizing drink.


7 milk teas and 6 fruit teas to be paired with 6 kinds of flavoured jelly and Bobas could be quite confusing to choose from, though their friendly ‘scientists’ help you out and choosing flavours you would like helps in ensuring you enjoy your first bubble tea experience. The first bubble tea I had was an apple green tea paired with strawberry boba, not too sweet the fruit tea tastes refreshing and after a few sips when a boba lands in your mouth, you get a kick as it pops and all its flavour oozes out leaving behind a great taste in your mouth.


Though my favourite tea at present would be the white peach tea with strawberry boba, the tea is sweet yet retains its fruity flavour. The soft and chewy strawberry boba like pearls, not only make the drink visually appealing but also creates a swirl of flavour. In order to get the pairing right both the boba and jelly must go seamlessly well with your choice of tea.

The most celebrated concoctions are the white peach tea with strawberry boba, Passionfruit tea with lychee boba and mango tea with strawberry boba amongst the fruit teas. Amongst the milk teas Taro pearl tea, plain pearl jasmine tea and coconut pearl tea are highly regarded by customers.

Having tried several mixes, personally the milk teas do taste good but tend to become unpleasantly sweet after a while whereas the fruit teas remain light and fresh but equally sweet.

Bubble tea has become one of my favourite spots in London and their quirky snack cum drink is affordable, filling and lip smacking. If you are craving something sweet and new, bubble tea is the fix. Do try it!

Address: 49 Rupert Street,

Telephone: 0207 494 4231

Timings: Monday – Thursday: 11:00 am to 23:30 pm
Friday – Saturday: 11:00 am to 24:00 am
Sunday: 11:00 am to 23:30 pm

Price Range: £ : £3.75 – £5

Prices: regular: £3.45 and large: £3.75

* No reservations

* Other locations: Harvey Nichols, Notting Hill, Stratford, South Kensington, Oxford Circus

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12 thoughts on “SIPPIN’ BUBBLE TEA

  1. OMG!!! I went to the one in topshop the other day and I definitely found my new addiction I had the honeydew flavor (if that’s even how you spell it lol ) with tapioca and I fell in love immediately !! It’s amazing.

    1. haha yes thats the right spelling, I am addicted to it too. I have never tried the honeydew will make sure i do soon, mostly going there tomorrow so hopefully I will be able too.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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