It’s an absolutely surreal experience to be receiving yet another award, I had always heard about the highly coveted ‘Liebster Award’ and today thanks to Skdarvesh, I am at its receiving end. Please do check out his blog Aromas and flavours From My Kitchen. His knowledge of flavours and food are paired exceedingly well with his immaculate and enticing photographs.

This accolade only makes me more determined to share my love and knowledge of desserts with you all. It feels great to be appreciated and I hope to continue updating my blog with some irresistible recipes and gripping reviews. So please stay tuned and I hope to receive your love and support as always.

* Thank the person who nominated you
* Answer questions given to you by the person who nominated you
* Nominate 5-10 people for the award
* Ask your nominees 10 questions, which they have to answer
* Link your nominees and leave a comment on their blog regarding their nomination

Q) Why did You start blogging?
A) Initially I started it as a part of one of my course modules but it has developed in to much more than just a class assignment.

Q) Who is your main inspiration?
A) Whenever I see people do small acts of kindness for others, I really feel inspired to do better and be better.

Q) Which is your favourite movie character?
A) It keeps changing but currently I love the character four from the movie Divergent.

Q) One thing you would never step out of your house without?
A) My phone

Q) Sweet tooth or a savoury one?

Q) Your favourite pastime other than blogging?
A) watching movies and tv shows

Q) One food which you must have at least once a week?
A) Healthy food 😛 try and eat it once at least because I love eating junk food and desserts moe than anything.

Q) Betty or Veronica and Archie or Reggie?
A) Betty and Archie

Q) Favourite cuisine?
A) Love great chinese and italian food

Q) City life or Country side?
A) City life

Q) Who would you cook to impress?
A) If I were to cook to impress someone, I would love to cook for any of the masterchef Australia judges and if I were to cook something specifically to impress someone I would make them my vegeterian moussaka and salted caramel tarts with chocolate ganache.


Participation is entirely based on you but I would love it if you could take out time to accept this award and pass it on to others who you feel are deserving candidates.
Be a part of bringing a smile on someones face 🙂

In order to participate please look at the instructions given above and these are my questions for my nominees!
Q1) Why did you start your blog?
Q2) City life or country life?
Q3) Red or Blue?
Q4) Pancakes or waffles?
Q5) Favourite cuisine?
Q6) Your life long dream?
Q7) Land or water?
Q8) Favourite movie character?
Q9) Formal clothes or casual clothes?
Q10) Drinks or Desserts?

Hope my nominees enjoy participating and you enjoyed my post!
thank you 🙂

16 thoughts on “THE LIEBSTER AWARD

  1. Reblogged this on Emily Eats her Way Around Melbourne and commented:
    Such an honour to be a nominee for the prestigious Liebster Award! Thankyou so much 🙂

    1. I started my blog because i have a real passion for food. It plays such an integral role in my life because it is about sharing positive emotions and a great meal can make your whole day. I just wanted to share with people the great feeling of enjoying a meal out!

    2. I think the country is beautiful because you’re out in the open space and you can actually see the sky without buildings obstructing your view. However, I am a city gal! I love all the melbourne festivals, going to the footy at the MCG and eating out. You are never bored!

    3. Blue it is such a calm colour.

    4. I’m a waffles girl. With nutella and strawberries there is nothing better.

    5. Favourite cuisine would have to be italian I think!

    6. my lifelong dream is to travel independently around Europe for 6 months 🙂

    7. Land. Even though I love being out in open water I feel much more secure and safe on land.

    8. My favourite movie character would have to be Inspector Gadget. Was one of my favs from when I was a kid.

    9. Definitely casual clothes it’s low maintenance!

    10. Definitely dessert. A good cheesecake will make my day 🙂

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