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My friends and I have been on the lookout for a place, which could come to be known as our spot. Yes we watched the hit American sitcom Friends too often and that is what lead to this great quest for the one and only spot! And finally after a year of hunting around we found it.

So here is the review of my haven in London the Brew Box, located at the very end of Islington high street tucked away beneath a residential building this café is not the easiest to locate be prepared for a bit of a search. Though once you manage to find your way to it and enter the compact yet endearing space you will wish you never have to leave it.

Other than being renowned to serve up a delectable range of bubble tea they serve desserts made by popular London bakeries such as Necco and Cocomaya. This makes the Brew Box well equipped to help you through a bad day or just put a smile on your face. The café owned by two warm and sociable men, who make sure you are comfortable and allow you to relax and just have a good time. The most exciting feature though is not their fresh and groovy music but the games they have around their tables. Come with a group of friends and you could easily be occupied for hours playing a game of Jenga or connect four.

With a simple yet attractive menu there is no room for disappointment, being a dessert lover I could not resist their raisin and oatmeal cookie served up with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce. Other than falling in love with the dessert at first sight the fact that it was brought to our table was appreciable.


Now moving towards the good part, the cookie served warm with an overtly generous portion of vanilla bean ice cream decorated beautifully with a drizzle of caramel sauce. Who would not want a bite of that?

The cookie was warm, crumbly and succulent. The balance between the oatmeal and raisin was just right and not immensely sweet. Paired with a spoonful of the rich ice cream and sweet yet sensational burnt taste of the caramel, you get the most delicious bite. This is a definite must have on my list!

Even though I was full, I got the sudden urge to go back to their counter and just scan through their desserts, just scan!

As you can guess I did more than just scan. Ever heard of the trend of cronuts? Yes I had fallen prey to their delicately shaped croissant doughnuts. I have to be honest, I never imagined enjoying a hybrid dessert but I was glad that I had my first cronut experience at the brew.


Served warm the round flaky pastry dough was topped with a layer of thick milk chocolate and garnished with white chocolate shavings. Within seconds I was half way threw the dessert, the mini dough ball bursts with flavour. At first you get the slightly salty croissant taste, right after that the rich and creamy chocolate ganache in the centre and the layer of chocolate on top though is not as great as the filling adds a great textural element and makes it look as appealing as it tastes.

If your ever in the neighborhood and have spare time on your hands please do visit the Brew Box, a hip and welcoming café, which helps you forget about the world outside, great music, their authentic and flavoursome bubble tea range and of course their mouth watering desserts an added bonus is that they have free wifi and all this at an affordable price. It is for sure a sweet place to visit.

Address: 120 Islington High street
London N1 8EG

Telephone: 020 7359 0222

Timings: Monday- Thursday 11:00 am to 21:00 pm
Friday- Sunday 11:00 am to 22:00 pm

Price Range: £ – £5-£12

* No reservations, first come first serve basis

Hope you get a chance to visit it soon.

Thank you 🙂



Through this blog, I have got the opportunity to connect with people akin to me, who have a flair for cooking and revere desserts. I feel fortunate that they have taken time out, to share their recipes, stories and thoughts through my blog.

My first Guest writer is my dear friend Avisha Shah, an undergraduate student at the City University, London. A true dessert enthusiast, in her spare time she loves experimenting with new ingredients and techniques in order to create mouth-watering desserts. I hope you enjoy her recipe, which is easy to make and requires a minimal effort.

­Ovens, ovens, ovens! That is all that we think of when we decide to make a cake. But, today I am going to share a recipe of a fridge cake that I found but changed it to my liking. It’s still as delicious and fantastic as an oven-baked cake. Yes bakers, we do not only need an oven to bake! Baking for me is trying out new techniques and experiment with everything and anything, as long as the result tastes good – to me and everyone I share my food with.

This recipe entails 4 simple ingredients that we probably all keep in our houses and although it is easy – it is still fun to make especially if you want to try out your skills at cooking/baking and love to experiment. 


SERVES-  6-8 People

* 1 teaspoon of Butter
* 1½  Cups of Kellogg’s Rice krispies/Cereal
* 3 Slabs of Caramel chocolate
* 2 Slabs of Milk chocolate


1. Cut the caramel chocolate (Dairy milk/ Galaxy) to small pieces and melt it either in a pan over a medium heat or a microwave. Once its smooth add the butter. Make sure the mixture is smooth and runny.

2.Once its melted, take it off the stove and add the rice krispes. Make sure they’re completely covered with chocolate. If necessary melt more chocolate and add.

3.To set the mixture, place it in a box (if you want a cake) or a baking tray.

4.Place in the fridge for 30-40 minutes and then remove it.

5.Melt the milk chocolate (Dairy Milk/Galaxy) in the same way as the caramel chocolate, till its smooth and pour it over the cake, thus making a thick layer and make sure it’s leveled.

6.Place it back into the fridge for another 30 minutes till it’s properly set.

My Tip-You can cut the cake in any shape you want, if you want square pieces or if you want to keep it as a whole cake. Decorations are not necessary, but you can sprinkle it with sprinkles if you want to make it look colourful! 


Hope you enjoy making this. And you can mess around with the ingredients as well and experiment! Enjoy! 🙂

Avisha Shah


Covent Garden Market today is best described as the converging point of art, culture and economy. It harbors various hotels, restaraunts, shops and is a great platform for artists and craftsmen to showcase their talent. Making it one of the most bustling parts of central London. This was the driving force behind America’s popular food chain Shake Shack to set up shop there on 5th July,2013.

What started out as a hot-dog cart in Madison Square Park, New York grew leaps and bounds and has become a rage all around the world. It has won people over, with its refreshingly delectable food and by delivering classic food but in a grand manner, it has even earned itself the title of the ‘sophisticated Mcdonalds,’ by many.

Apart from their range of mouth-watering classics, their personally churned out ice cream, which is used as the base for Shakes and concretes is inimitable. The shake owes its creamy texture to the ice cream base, which is blended in with milk and additional flavours. The Concrete (Ice cream) is frozen and served in cups and cones and the frozen custard of a more concentrated consistency is served with mix-ins. The menu set has adopted local elements in order to appeal to their target audience here in London. Mix-ins, such as the hazelnut brownie used in the union shack concrete or brown sugar biscuit, used in Drury Lane jam and Big Blend concrete is produced at St. JOHN Bakery.

Their custard calendar does not help easing ones decision; the ample choices available could be overwhelming. Though the wait for placing an order gives you enough time to make a decision. If you like visiting the market on a weekday, you can be rest assured that you would not have to wait for more than ten minutes to place your order. Though trying to eat at the Shack on a weekend would require a lot of time and patience, it could take you twenty to thirty minutes at the very least. To avoid long queues a weekday is preferable but if you enjoy an abuzz and vibrant area or have time to spare to eat while hearing a musician sing an acoustic version of ‘let her go,’ or would get excited hearing a persistent synchronized sound of people clapping to street performers. Then I would definitely recommend standing in the long queue and the shakes as well as the concrete ice cream is worth it.

The most popular shakes sold were the red velvet and the chocolate, somehow the obsession with red velvet still continues and it has successfully managed to creep its way here as well. Though I tried the caramel and the peanut butter shake but my personal favourite was the caramel shake, it oozes of caramel. If you are someone who prefers overtly sweet things this one is a no brainer. The peanut butter shake on the other hand is sweet but the slight salty peanut taste and sweet ice cream blend is balanced to perfection. Making the sweetness level just about right.

Once you have placed your order, a device is given to you, which vibrates and at that point you can go collect your order from another station.

Device for Picking Up Your Order
Device for Picking Up Your Order

The self-service system with the addition, makes the experience quite exciting and is a welcomed change. Both the shakes and the concrete were made from the same base but they were quite different from one another.

Big Blend
Big Blend

I ordered the Big Blend concrete as I was informed its the best, the chocolate and vanilla custard complemented each other and to break the sweetness the brown sugar biscuits worked like a charm. Finishing off with the moist brownies bursting of decadent chocolate. There is nothing better than an appetizing dessert and an appealing environment. Shake Shack offers the same. I would definitely recommend this joint to people who enjoy desserts and are looking to try unconventional forms of it. Even if you are not a dessert person, you would definitely not want to miss this.


Address: 24, Market Building,

The Piazza,

London, England.

Telephone: 0203 5981360

Timings: Monday-Saturday: 11:00 am to 23:00 pm And Sunday: 11:00 am to 22:30 pm

Price Range: ££ : £11-£25

*No reservations

*They have two types of red velvet dog biscuits. So feel free to take your dog out for a meal with you.

Thank you,

Hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂