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This opulent restaurant with interiors resembling an Asian food market, is located at the main entrance of Berkeley street and is dressed to impress. From the moment you step in you are pampered; personal helpers taking off your coat, a friendly staff member seating you at your table and showering you with undivided attention. This is just the beginning of the fine dining experience that you ought to have.

The divine menu is a perfect amalgamation between innovation and taste, the consistency and flavour of each dish will leave you raving about the same and justifies the lump sum you will pay for a meal at NOVIKOV.

After a stimulating meal, I could not wait to try their desserts and as I was handed their dessert menu, I had a feeling that I would be impressed. An array of desserts from a traditional Asian plate of mochi to a contemporary vanilla bean panna cotta, to a heart warming chocolate fondant, this restaurant had it all. Being a hopeless addict of chocolate, I was surely going to order the chocolate fondant and to balance the richness of the chocolate, I was certain that the panna cotta would be its perfect accomplice but after a wise suggestion from a friend I decided to order a plate of Mochi with the panna cotta. I was eager yet unsure as I placed my order but on its arrival, my doubts seemed baseless.

On a long and slender plate sat five enticing, well-rounded rice dough balls filled with ice cream, which was packed with flavour resting on a bed of chocolate shavings. For the following five minutes my friend and I could only hear the vague chatter, which was occurring on the tables around us, as we were busy gorging on the saporous and perfectly crafted Mochi.


There mochi came in five flavours, the peach mochi came in a light peach colour, the pineapple mochi had a lemon yellow colour, their sesame mochi was a deep mauve colour and was decorated with white and black sesame seeds, the coconut mochi came in a bright white colour covered in thin coconut shavings and finally a green tea mochi, which came in an olive green colour.

On having my first bite of the coconut mochi, I was left dumbstruck, all I could feel was the delicate jelly like rice flour ball containing creamy coconut ice cream melt away in my mouth and giving this sublime experience its perfect ending, were the lean and crisp coconut shavings, which not only gave it another textural element but escalated its taste as well.

The Pineapple and Peach mochi’s were light and a fruitalicious, their colour and flavours hit all the right notes. Both the mochi’s had a fruit flavoured ice cream, but the fruit flavour balances out the slender dough ball and it does not make you feel heavy. It’s the epitome of what a modern and light dessert should be like.

The next mochi I picked up was sesame and though I am not a big fan of it, I was intrigued by its colour. After finishing the whole mochi, I was left with a great after taste of smooth and scrumptious sesame ice cream and the roasted black and white sesame seeds. They were a divine combination and a taste I will never fail to remember.

The mochi I was the least keen on trying was the green tea mochi, I do drink green tea quite often, not because I am fond of it, but because it’s great for my health and eating a dessert with even a remotely healthy ingredient, was an alien concept for me. On my very first bite, I knew why I never liked healthy desserts. They were just not meant for my sweet tooth and were far from satisfying it.

Their mochi plate was thoroughly appetizing and ambrosial barring the green tea mochi, if you are lucky enough instead of their green tea mochi, you will get their salted caramel mochi. Something I cannot wait to try, I would definitely go back to Novikov, just for their plate of Mochi and without a doubt it has become my most favourite Asian dessert.

Coming to the creamy pearl white, perfectly wobbly panna cotta, which was laid on a bed of strawberry compote and freshly cut strawberry chunks. This classic vanilla bean panna cotta creeps up on you and wins you over. Its simple presentation and bold flavours reel you in. The panna cotta is light and airy, it has a great wobble to it and is not stiff, the vanilla flavour is present but not over powering and its strawberry coulis really lifts the whole dish and not to forget the freshly cut chunks of strawberry, which makes the dessert a great bite.

Their desserts are crafted to perfection and are extremely versatile, they go beyond your imagination and really surprise you. I strongly recommend their mochi to anyone who has never had them before and amongst other desserts their chocolate fondant and fruit platter is regarded highly by regular customers.

If I had to describe Novikov, in the best way I could. I would compare it to a larger than life person, who has grandeur and style but at the same time cares for details, has a warm personality and is versatile. This is a restaurant which goes beyond the food and gives you an experience, which you will remember always.

Address: 50 Berkeley street,
London W1J 8HA

Telephone: +44 20 7399 4330

Timings: Monday- Sunday : 12:00 pm to 2:00 am

Price Range: £££ – £28-£50

* Reservations for a maximum of seven people can be done through this site.
Novikov reservation

* Reservations for eight people or more can be made by:
Phone- +44 (0) 20 7399 4330
email- Reservations at Novikov

Hope you get a chance to visit it soon.

Thank you 🙂