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I am hosting a competition on my blog do check it out FABULOUS FREEBIE:DON’T MISS OUT. I have been getting some great answers from you all, I just want to say that I have read all the comments made and I am amazed as well as in love with each of the combinations you all have sent. My job to pick the winner has become much tougher than I had thought hence I will pick the winner out of a hat. I promise to be fair ! 🙂

Now for the best part, I will be announcing the prize, If you are a food lover this is going to be a dream come true. The winner will get:


A magazine dedicated to food and food lovers, packed with over 80 recipes ranging from breakfast to dinner and dessert!!
What else? A personal buyer’s guide, celebrity chefs and their recipes, section for the popular television cooking shows and tips to make your cooking experience easy.

Uk’s top food magazine is a must for a foodaholic and it can be your’s all you have to do is share your coolest/craziest dessert combination you have tried, or want to try! Here is the link to the competition page.

The competition ends at 12:00 am on 5th March,2014 so please enter it if you have not.

Hope you enjoy this post and the competition.

Thank you 🙂



Ever since I started blogging, I have been inspired by numerous Blogs and narrowing them down to a list seems unjust. Though I want to share with you some of the blogs that I love following and have been aspirational for me personally. You should definitely have a look at them. Here they are in no particular order.

1)  17 and Baking : I stumbled upon Elissa’s ‘Breaking Bad Cake’ recipe, inspired by the hit television show Breaking Bad. The simple recipe, out of the box elements and her honest reasons behind baking draw you in. She was 17 when she started blogging and even though she does not aim to be a professional chef or be part of the culinary world. Her blog is a medium, which allows her to showcase her knack for food. Do check her blog out, you will be wowed.
Link- 17 and baking

2) Fresh & Foodie : An associate creative director of an advertising company in the day and a blogger by night, Bobbi is a true ‘foodie.’ Her blog is refreshing, it’s easy to navigate through and most of her posts contain her personal experiences with food and each picture  depicts a story of its own. If you want a refreshing perspective on food and the culture, that comes with it visit this blog.
Link- fresh and foodie

3) Joy The Baker: A blog which is simple yet so effective, it could make you fall in love with your screen ! That is the aftermath of viewing Joy’s blog. A professional baker and blogger, she has her own cookbook and is the cofounder of Homfires.com a site for podcasts on food and wine. If you want to learn about food and further develop your passion for it, this is the best opportunity to do so. Seize it!
Link- joy the baker

4) Mikey’s In My Kitchen: More than the Smore’s Cupcakes, which you must have a look at. It’s the story behind her blog that touches your heart. Inspired by her husband, she makes delectable dishes and loves to share her personal views on the same. This blog is heartfelt, genuine and has some amazing food. Please do have a look.
Link- mikey’s in my kitchen

5) The Fetching Foodie: Ever heard ‘That’s so Fetch,’ in the movie Mean Girls, well that is what got me to view this blog and I am glad I did. Using Unique ingredients used to concoct something unheard of, is what the ‘fetching foodie’ does. Exciting reviews, experiences and recipes await you. This is food with a twist literally! Check it out as soon as possible.
Link- The fetching foodie

Hope you visit these blogs and enjoy this post !
Thank you 🙂